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Enlightening (Update)

I am very excited and humbled at the great response that has come from the things I have written, and I want to thank everyone for their professionalism. I have been rather absent as of late due to feeling pretty under the weather, so I hope to address the great points being brought up in the comments sections of my essays when I’m feeling a little better!

Some topics coming up are: government encroachment on social media, and a comprehensive research paper on the similarities between Eazy-E and Syd Barrett’s music careers.

In the mean time, I will transcribe a poem I wrote when I was in the Marine Corps:

Field Day

So there I was
Cleaning the toilet
I wasn’t mad
Like last week
But I’m cleaning the toilet now
and I’m pretty pissed off
Marine Corps

Field day is the most dreaded day of the week for young Marines: the day (usually Thursday) that we all have to clean every inch of the barracks and our barracks room. The day after we cleaned, our rooms stood a white glove inspection. If you failed the inspection, you would be subject to reevaluation Saturday morning which meant that Friday night was spent all night cleaning. Usually the reevaluation was done in our dress uniforms which meant that not only was your room being reinspected, but your uniform was being inspected as well. So, you can just go ahead and kiss your weekend good-bye if you failed field day inspection. The sacred weekend. So, that’s where the frustration and stress comes in this poem. I had spent a lot of time cleaning the toilet, and my Sergeant came in and told me that there was a little bit of dust in a tiny little crack on the side that I missed. I had to reclean the toilet… So I wrote a poem before I did and got the toilet clean. Haha. Marine Corps.


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