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Fuckin’ Nutz for Winter



It must be hard being a squirrel.
Gathering all those nutz and eatin’ them,
and saving some to buhrry for the Winter.
Then having to go find them
and unbuhrrying them again.
Just to do the same thing next year.
Reminds me of the Gear my Marines are always finding
and taking
and buhrrying
and un-buhrrying again
and again and again and again and again and again.
Day after day, week after week, year after year
Fighting unjust wars
JUST for their Marines
JUST to take their place
in case one of them dies…
And they always do.
But we’d rather die than see our brothers die.
Cuz that’s just how the Corps rollz!


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Dear Randal Hooke,

Hey everyone, let me excuse myself for my long absence. I have been on a journey which has taken me through the Valley of Demons and the Place where everyone wants to be. My writing projects are moving on into screenplays which will be submitted through the proper channels and be put into production in who knows what amount of time? Soon, or almost there, or something like that. In the mean time, I will be posting my poetry as my essays stand by for some intense editing with more content. Where have I been? In the Garden of Eden.

Who Am I?

I am a Gypsy, a waif with an L
Moses and Jesus were the same dude,
and Eve and Andrew Jackson have more in common than you’d think.
Ponce found the Fountain, but it wasn’t in a place
and Sophocles went on to write Comedy.
Bonni is my daughter, and Harvey is my son.
My love exists in the deep Valley of the Desert
A man who has always been on my mind.

Codee was a dear friend of mine, and so is his best fRiend.
White is the snow which Shawn skated down.
Shawn, Shain?
Shain, the Crass of my heart, a lover of Red Baron,
a knotty lucky Charm of mine.

The Red Ranger taught me martial arts, my first crush,
He met The Dude in Kuwait, and took some pictures.
Knoxville is the punk rock King, but you already knew that, Baby Doll.
Maybe Rollins and O’Shea will go there
and mix some tapes with Bay Green.

Green is the color of the grass which love grows.
Shawn was the Teach, gave me some relief
He and Alvie ran that joint up the to the Chandelier
with Mama Bear, my first Sergeant, and the Evil Gnome by their side
But the Evil Gnome was not evil, we just could not be contained.
We was punx rawk.

I saved my Koala bear from the red and black snake
Wrote him some letters in recovery; we’re “old souls,”
Specs of dust, so to speak.
I jumped with my Best Friend down the cliff,
but before we hit the bottom, I clung onto he and the Banyan Tree
He was the Man with Soot on his Face
From a life we built together, and continue to build today.

We’re about Freedom, always have been,
Always will be.
Freedom from demons, or trolls, or what-have-you
Freedom from the Greedhead which binds us to his $
Freedom from Satan, a female uglay as a Troll.
Freedom to love the elves, dwarves, and gnomes:
All of the lovely little creatures which fill this Earth with Joy

Not all creatures are the same, some are young and dumb
But owls are old and Wise.
I saw the Leprechaun,
I know the rainforests
I know the Toadl
I’m the muthaphukkin Gnome, bitch.
And all the Trolls can go back under the bridge where they belong.


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FREEDOM! by Adam Kokesh — A Philosophical Manifesto for the Abolition of Violence


Click on this banner to read the book for free!

When I was serving in the Marine Corps, I dealt with plenty of moral and philosophical challenges due to the violent nature of the organization that I eventually had to learn to deal with on my own. Prior to joining, I still felt that there was a place for governments: a military is needed for defense, and a small government was needed to prosecute criminals, both should be efficient and moral. As I went through boot camp, I quickly realized the ethical error in my decision to join, but I had to search high and low throughout my service for the solution to this error.¬† I had to reject the brainwashing inhibited to me throughout my training, and I had to re-study the information I’d previously retained that was lost in the psychological mind-ruling of the United States Marine Corps. Throughout my studies, Murray Rothbard, Lysander Spooner, and Ludwig von Mises helped me begin to break out of my patriotic mind-set, and begin to assess the real nature of government: violence against the individual. Even though such great literary works by these authors helped me the most, I wish that I had a book like FREEDOM! by Adam Kokesh to help me along the way, but unfortunately, it was just a mere sparkle in his eye during this time. However, having the prior knowledge that I did made me realize the importance of the book while I was reading it, and I was able to come to an even greater understanding of what the principle of non-aggression, as a inhibitor of true freedom, is.


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Just A Dream

A bright Light on my shoulders;
a Rainbow down my back.
The Strength of a Reptile,
and the Wings of a Bat
with Humanity on its back:
has the Lion on its Conscience,
Healing the demons Within.
Flying into the Sun,
and the World will know Peace.

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When Staff Sergeant Ordered Me to Save the Hummingbird

“Kerkman, there’s a hummingbird dying, trapped in the courtyard.
You gotta save it.”
“SSgt, why did you come to me to save it?”
“Well, because you’re a hippy, Kerkman.
You’re the only one who knows how.”
It was a hot summer, the bird was dehydrated.
“SSgt, I need sugar and water.”
We headed in to make up the concoction.
My Sergeant asked me what the hell I was doin’,
told me to get back to work.
I said, “Staff Sergeant ordered me to save a hummingbird.”
I went outside.
The hummingbird was scared,
others thought it was going to die.
It couldn’t fly.
I gently put the cup of water up to the little guy
It weakly and eagerly drank
After a couple sips, it found the strength to get outta there.
He got his wings back.
He could fly.


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The Man Who Drew the Picture

Deep in the heart of Los Angeles,
there was a man who wore a worn grey hat,
and a green ripped up jacket
the grey beard on his face covered the highway blues
his eyes were red, bloodshot, torn.
He looked at me with a genuine, crooked smile and said,
“You are beautiful, may I draw you?”
as he pulled out his sole possession:
the paper and pen.
When the portrait was finished, my first thought was,
“Man, that is a beautiful picture.”
I said to the artist, “This is great, man but I ain’t got any money.”
He smiled, and touched my shoulder.
“It is a gift! From me to you!”
Then he wandered off,
and I never saw the artist again.
I kept the picture, and would look at it from time to time
to remember who I was.


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Keep Your Enemies Closer


Defenseless, the man with the knife to his heart
He felt no way out
“Why am I being treated like this?” He thought.
“I need to defend myself.”
Knowing nothing else,
the man with the knife to his heart embraced the man holding the knife
After the shock, he accepted.
The man holding the knife had never been hugged before.


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No Chains


In elementary school, I always wondered what was in the field beyond the fence.
One time I jumped over the fence to catch a toad that my friend wanted to catch.
I caught the toad, looked at it, and let it go.
My friend said, “Why did you do that?!”
I told her I didn’t want to bring him on the other side of the fence.
She was sad because she didn’t get to hold the toad,
so I told her to jump over the fence and catch him.
She didn’t.


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