Building the Siege Machine


So here is my beloved trebuchet; my first building project and not my last. I’ve found that working with my hands in various small model building projects helps me to focus my energy on the building rather than reliving deployment as the 4-year mark comes along this year. It helps to get my mind off of killing and onto building which I feel is prettyyyyy prettaaayyyy prettaaaayyyyyy productive. You can see more pictures of my models on my new Model-Z page. Now I’m working on a dinghy which is pissing me off. If you don’t wanna look at my beautifulz modelz, you’re missing out. 😉

I’ve been so busy with this stuff that I haven’t gotten around to updating myself on the state of the NFL, so I a-goes lookin’ on the interweb, and what do I see but a New England scandal amuck. Am I surprised? Hell no. It just so happens that both of the home teams won the Superbowl championship games, but no one cheated of course. The Colts are a very talented team, but they get spanked by New England during a fucking championship game and they wanna say that there wasn’t any cheating involved? And who is in charge of these balls when they’re not in play? The fucking refs of course.

Now, I’ve steered towards the entertainment writing for this reason: entertainment is used as the biggest distraction from what is happening on Capitol Hill. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of people thinking that when they turn on the TV to watch their favorite TV shows or their favorite sports team beat the competition, they’re watching something pure and true. You’re not. When you’re watching your favorite actors on the movie screen or your favorite quarterback throwing that ball, you’re watching a world of corruption and politics. Then you try to retire, but you still get dragged into the rat race, don’t you? Yup.

Did you know Katie Holmes is dead? Nope. Wanna know why? Because there are prerecordings for Katie Holmes intended to be released until they decide to release how she died with special effects for her wrinkles and everything. Wanna know how she died? Heroin overdose: “Take 2 ; ).” It happened when she wanted to divorce scientology. Like that’s never happened to anyone before, right? RIP Katie. I love you so much…..

If E-News and ESPN ain’t gonna write about it, I am. If the American populace doesn’t wanna hear about what the fuckers who control their business lives do to them, I’ll let ’em know about what the people who control their personal lives do to them. Don’t worry, 34th’s got it.

Come and Take It.


Retreat, Hell.
We are Swift, Silent, and Deadly
Angels with Dirty Faces.
And we will do
Whatever it Takes
to win the Siege.
You’ve been Thunderstruck

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