A Call to IRR Marines being called to Active Duty and Division Marines Gearing Up:


All Marines in the IRR are being called back to active duty for a massive build up. The war we are supposed to be fighting is not in another country, but in our own. The first targets in case of martial law is always the veterans, obviously because we already know what their attack plan is going to be and how to out smart them. The ones knocking down your doors are not going to be POGs, but the buddies you just fought next to in all countries across the world. They’re going to be the ones who saved your life and the ones who you saved. All Division Marines need to stand up against these orders with moral fortitude for it is actually the Law of Honor, Courage, and Commitment that we swore to protect and defend. There is no HCC in hunting down, attacking, and arresting your Marines.

I’ve already received orders to active duty, and I am standing in defiance against these orders. Let them send the Chasers, I’ll be ready. They won’t take me alive. Ain’t no fucking way I’m going back to Africa while all Division Marines are knocking down our own doors… or whatever fucking sinister plan the Others have planned for us Divine Warriors. Plus, pull-ups? PFT? CFT? Fuck no. Heh, I go on WALKS, not RUNS. My body and mind can’t handle it anymore, and neither can yours.

LCpls make up 90% of the Division, if all you LCpls grab your battle buddies and refuse to train, what are your NCO’s gonna do? What is the brass gonna do? Especially if the IRR Marines aren’t coming back. This kind of defiance takes BALLS, the kind of balls only United States Marine Corps Infantrymen have. Refuse field training, refuse deployment. Chill in your barracks room and play CoD. This kind of protest will not be taken lightly, and most of you will receive violent punishments from the Fear you will instill in your superiors, but that violence will not be nearly as horrible as the violence that will be bestowed upon America when Marines are patrolling the streets. We all know that for sure. You need to stay strong and convicted. We can beat these bastards.

IRR Marines: I know it’s lonely not having your unit to go to every day. I know it sucks having to deal with civilians at shitty jobs and at school, but you cannot let these orders get you excited. When you go back to active duty, you will be replacing the Marines that are protesting and you will be making their lives even more miserable. You will be dragged back into the politics: calling the Marines protesting shit bags, treating them like shit, when really they’re trying to save the lives of YOU fucks and the lives of others. It’s going to be hard to secure your position due to all of the “benefits” the VA has bestowed upon veterans in order to keep track of where you are. If you haven’t gotten orders yet, you will. If you have gotten orders, you need to move twice.

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Be prepared.  Before you make a move of residence, you need to make transactions using these benefits. These transactions will be used to get the gear you have been missing. You will be needing enough gear to keep you holed up in your residence for 2 years. MRE’s, water, ammunition, and the like. You know what you’ll need based on your individual situations. DON’T FORGET RIP ITS and WEED! Most of you probably already have this gear cuz u no we Marinez n stuff.

2. Don’t worry about debt. As military members, we have been scorned with hundreds, up to thousands of dollars of debt. As I mentioned in Money In War, the debt that we incur is used to control us in multiple ways. Do not be afraid of what will happen if you do not pay your credit cards, mortgage, or government debt. Your credit score does not matter. Your life matters. In fact, when you stop caring about it, you will find a sense of freedom that you would have thought you could never feel unless you paid it off. See it as this: most of you got fucked into debt. Now you’re fucking them by not paying it back. Use your credit cards to get the gear you need. If you have money saved up from deployments and/or other investments, take it all out in cash. If you’re responsible with your monies, be ready and willing to support your fellow Marines if they do not have the financial means to support themselves.

3. Move. Once you have everything you need, the last thing you need to do is move to a place where you know you will  not be found and DO NOT report it to the VA. This will be in a low-income area where the people who already live there are already running from the law and are already armed. You will need a battle buddy, and you all should already know who that is. You and your battle buddy will need to introduce yourselves to your neighbors as U.S. Marines. Move in with eachother.

4. STAY AWAY from living situations with civilians…….. You know why.

5. Get ahold of your Corpsmen. You know why.

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