Heroin Disbursement and the War on Society (Update)


Due to the emotional toils of writing Heroin Disbursement and the War on Society, I will be taking a break for an unspecified amount of time. I woke up this morning with a numb arm again from the adrenaline induced by reliving the deployment I suffered in Africa, so this break is due to my health — no more, no less.

I realize that the emotion in the recent chapters I’ve been writing applies to nearly everyone who has read it. I am currently having troubles with my e-mail inbox so I’m having a hard time receiving the e-mails everyone is sending me looking for advice and giving unwanted advice. So, let me address some of these issues upfront.

1. If you are in an abusive relationship, leave. Come up with an attack plan and an escape route. Get the fuck out of there. Every human being has the strength within themselves to save their own lives and the lives of others.
2. If you somehow think that a man and a woman cannot consensually agree to a love affair and help eachother cope with abuse, you’re wrong.
3. Death threats are funny.
Hollywood: Marines are everywhere. Just sayin’.
For the Others: you fuckers are the ones who sent me to Africa. MY mission has been accomplished, assholes. Good thing you guys trained me so well, huh? Fuck you. Punk rock saved my life. You didn’t consider that in your recruitment, did you? HA! Pretty soon all of my Marines will be listening to the angsty words and loud, fast guitars of my most favoritest punk rock bands…. And there will be a punk rock revival amongst the Troops. ^_^ Good luck hanging onto your Candidates, bitchessssss!!! LCB & Casualties Army, first and foremost, motherfuckers.

Later I will be covering:

VII: Flashbacks
VIII: Headed to the Streets
VIIII: The Insurgency
X: Return from Pizza Planet

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