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Who Are Your Enemies?

Throughout my life, I’ve had very close friends; I tried to pick quality over quantity. In fact, there was one point where I couldn’t even discern between the two and I didn’t care for any at all. As time went on, loneliness set in and I finally opened up my mind and my heart to individuals who just wanted to find out what my story was… And later, I found out that that was it. This isn’t to say that those friends never helped me or had my back, but it was for their own selfish reasons. I always had a broader world view: big dreams, and a way to accomplish them, and I wanted to surround myself with people who did too. It was hard.

I always thought I had it all figured out, that friendship was about accepting faults, forgiving wrongdoings, and just being there for eachother. Recent events have made me realize that real friends don’t have to accept faults or forgive wrongdoings because real friends don’t SEE faults, and they will never do you wrong. The Lions by your side are the ones who protected your life, who looked out for your best interest when you were at your worst, who did stupid shit to protect you because all they wanted was for you to live your life the way you had planned. Real friends use the last of their pennies to fly all the way across the country to see you ’cause they know something’s wrong and that distance never changed the connection that you had. They’re the ones who played strip-beer-pong with you, got buck ass naked and told you to keep your clothes on cuz they watching yo back. They never liked your enemies and tried to keep them away from you no matter how much you cared for those Snakes, no matter how bad they made you feel.

I went most of my life not knowing who my real friends were, always standing up for those who didn’t deserve it, ones who were jealous of the things that I’ve accomplished, experienced, and planned to do. I’m a writer, always have been and always will be, always saw things differently than my peers and had something to say without giving a shit about who didn’t like it. The Snakes are the ones who leech off of that energy and use it to their advantage. The Lions are the ones who use their own energy to compliment and protect your crazy ass, and on top of that, you never thought twice about doing the same thing in return.

At the same time they tellin’ you to keep your clothes on, you’re like, “Dude, you need to put pants on,” and you run around with their pants, putting them on and a blanket over their crazy asses when they pass out. When you’re about to beat the shit outta someone for no reason cuz you drunk as shit, you don’t fight them when they pick you up and put you outside. You roll blunts in front of the po at the train station, and keep on smoking it as they roll up, ditch the shit, then hop in your auto keeping it cool as they call in the BOLO. Then you’re freaking out and your best friend is driving all crazy, so both of you put on your favorite song, calm down, and come up with a plan to not get arrested or a DWI. Then, at the end of the day you’re thinkin’, “Fuck, man, we wouldn’t have gotten away with it if we were with anyone else.”

Love you, Cpl McClure.

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The Greatest Troll the Interweb has seen since Meatspin

Alright, I’m about to geek out for a minute here.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the rap and dub-step/house music scene recently, Ice Cube has collaborated with Redfoo and 2Chainz in order to make this single Drop Girl. The greatest part about this song is that the lyrics make no sense AND the beat sounds like every other hip hop beat, not to mention the dub-step remix sounds like every other remix out on the market. AND THAT IS THE BEST PART! Millions of people have watched this video and have either gotten upset or way to excited about it. Obviously it is a joke, a type of art that can only be appreciated by 7h4 01d 5ch001 I73rW3B 7r011, when no one knew what Never Gonna Give You Up was about, when you tricked your friends on AIM to click on meatspin, when badgers and mushrooms dominated chat room conversations and all you were trying to do was get the newest Metallica song for free just in spite of those greedy fuckers. Not to mention being on top of all of the newest music file sharing systems, key cracks, weird animation files, and mounting programs. Don’t know what those are? Well, obviously you wouldn’t understand the greatness this song has bestowed upon the internet. EXE!

I can’t help but watch it over and over again. I was high on mushrooms for 4 days when I thought of this idea, I didn’t know if O’Shea was gonna go for it, and then lo and behold, a few months later IT HAS COME TO LIFE! It went like this: Ice Cube was supposed to get Redfoo and 2Chainz on a contract before he told them what the video was about to troll them cuz they greedy as shit, and they music sucks. The lyrics don’t make any sense because I was high as shit on mushrooms when I thought of them, and yes, they were the first things that came out of my mouth. LOL! The whole point behind it was to make people second guess singles because all singles suck, but they’re so brainwashed that all they can do is listen to what’s hot on the shitty radio. Ice Cube made a fuckin’ gangsta-ass song called Sic Them Youngins On ‘Em that doesn’t even have HALF of the views on YouTube that Drop Girl has. It just goes to show you how fucked up the music industry still is. Why would he go for the good old school 90’s shit when the music business is so centrally controlled by a bunch of dinosaurs bathing in blood in a Las Vegas casino that it would be dumbed down and RUINED?! Not to worry though, my Big Sexy’s gonna have some good shit in store for the future. He’s unpredictable, as we have seen forever. Haha. Oh Lawd, I can’t wait for Lord3Z & P3asantZ.

Remix this song, that’ll make Ice Cube happiez. 🙂

M04R n00dz!!!!!!!

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Ms. Cpl Kerkman

HAHA! We trollin’ on them muthaphukkasssss.

I loves my Big Sexy (AKA private individual). BFF 😉

LOL! ❤ Semper Svet 😉

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Slow, Steady Squeeze


Pop ’em wit dat 1-2-3
Can’t get me
Cuz I’m tha Muthaphukkin B.G. Gyp-Z


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I, The Individual

as a part of The Team.


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Lingerie show! ❤ ❤ ❤

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JACK SHIT!!!!!!!55555555555555


Nuff said.

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Alright, alright, Fuck Facebook in the Mouth


After a few attempts trying to get Facebook to activate my account, I decided I’m not worrying about that shit no mo. Apparently they don’t like it if you can’t scan your government-issued ID for verification if you don’t have a cell phone. Oh, and apparently they don’t deal with veterans either. Fuck that shit. Change it.

If you would like correspondence with me, I can be reached at

Lookin’ forward to it, darlings. 😉

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Creep In Tha Garden


Their eyes are dark with unknown deeps, old woes
And New Despair
Their shackled spirits feel the pain
That breaks their bodies bare
The savage masters of their Days
mock their passive pain
How they should know their scorn
indifferent to the Stain

For in their heart of hearts,
they see the glow of illuminating fires
They are whores of a mystic rite
In their lingerie shows of anti-Godly pyres
No incident of shame and toil
They take with idle breath
For they do not know the Cradle of Life
And all they know is Death.
They are the Slave Women

I live in a beautiful Garden
All joyous with fountains and flowers
I wreck of penance and pardon
at ease thru the exquisite hours
My blossoms of lilies and roses
Lock, clock, and unload
all lull me with delicate fancies
as shy as the dawn and the Dew

And the Hunter is gloaming
How he lures me to the Wind and the Roaming
Free, free beneath the starry Skies
Tis the hedge of Roses
woven with wonderful Pearls
I am encased by its beautiful closes
We know what it is to be Old.

Out of the Jungle he came, he came
Man of the Lion’s breed
His heart was pure and his eyes gleamed
as he strum his ragged guitar,
Spring was sweet and keen in his blood
His eyes were the eyes of Man
And the Jungle knew how his love Rang
For his heart was the heart of the Hunter
Singing, he sought his mate
the Wife for the life and all his mood
Formed by their Fate

The sky is more blue than the eyes of a Lovely
A riot of roses of the Heart
Ah, come to me, run to me, fill me with Joy
Dear, dear, love, love, LOVE!
The air is passion of perfume and Song
The little moon swings up above
I cannot wait any longer
I’ve waited so long…..

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Dear America, Government is NOT the Answer to Every. Fucking. Thing.


Carousing the news lately, I came to notice something that I have always noticed while reading the news, but this time it just irked me so much that I had to write about it. I’d taken a break from the news due to recent events in my life that are hard for me to explain at the moment, but as I returned, I noticed the same old trend of the corporate media turning the dialogue to what the Government can do for us! Top CEO’s tell Congress that what they gotta do is work together to create a solution to our economic woes. I don’t know about you, but the thought of some crooks at the top of some international corporations working together with our Congressmen and the White House sounds like a huge racket to me.

Oh wait, because it is.

The global corruption index is a huge joke. Somehow the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada had made their way to the top 20 of the “least” corrupt countries in the world. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sheer idiocy of this index. Hm! I wonder who created it! We are constantly bombarded with this fucking propaganda in our day-to-day lives which creates this backwards sense of patriotism: “Well, I thought that the US was pretty corrupt, but now that I look at this global corruption index, I now know that perhaps I was WRONG!” Yeah right. Jesus, I wonder how many poor souls fall for this bullshit, and the thought that some average Joe at the grocery store is questioning his intelligence over some retarded index really pisses me off deep down to my soul.

Charles Barkley had mentioned that the issue of race in the context of the Ferguson riots creates a tribe mentality — and it does. That’s what the intent is for all racial dialogue. Nevermind that the majority of HUMANS in the world don’t look at someone of a different race and think, “Hm, that’s someone of a different color skin than I, they must be a baaaaad person.” I mean, come on!

I can’t help but think of the Rodney King riots in the early 90’s. Back then, we couldn’t hop on Google News and check out all of the news sources covering the event; we were limited to what was in the newspapers and what was on TV. They showed the video of the original man, Rodney, being beat by those scum Swine over and over and over again. They had total coverage of the court proceedings, and when those pigs were let go without even a slap on the wrist, what do you think would happen to all of the people who were being oppressed even before the tape of Rodney came out? You have a huge group of people who were already being beat by the police for petty crimes every day being forced-fed this propaganda, getting more and more and more pissed off as time goes on. We didn’t have smart phones to record it back then, and we all know how deep the corruption at the LAPD goes. So, when justice was NOT served, that same huge group of individuals let out all of that anger and frustration on whatever they could. And, I must mention that BOTH the people who were victims and the people who did the victimizing were hurt badly during this time.

So, who let the officers off? The courts, another corrupt leg of government. The Law, as Frederic Bastiat says, is used by the State to create an environment that takes the power of justice AWAY from the victims and puts it in the hands of a jury who always work in favor of the State because the State is what OWNS AND WRITES THE GODDAMN FUCKING LAWS! This sense of justice never works. It didn’t work for Rodney King, it didn’t work for Kelley Thomas, and it did not work for Michael Brown. Oh yeah, and it worked in the favor of OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony… You see where I’m going with this. Also, why should Michael Brown’s stepfather have to APOLOGIZE for ANYTHING?! My God, if we can’t understand the frustration and anger that the media and the state create for victims, what can we understand?

This constant search for the answer to our problems by turning to governments that we already know are corrupt is the same thing as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Insanity at its finest. What we need to do is search inside of ourselves, to turn toward the Self, to find out who we are as individuals and create a more self-actualizing society where the only crimes we have to deal with are petty accidents. For, a self-actualizing society knows the difference between right and wrong and does not wish to hurt Her fellow man. Many people who commit crimes do not know why they do it, or they have some psychotic reasoning that did not come from themselves, but from the environment they grew up in. And, the environment does not just include the family household, but the society which badly influences the family household towards materialism and other frivolous things.

We gotta realize that the reason why everything is so messed up is because materialism’s root is money, and money is Greed. Greed is what drives humans to do evil things, and Greed comes in many different forms that does not just simply have to do with money. It is up to every one of us to look at Greed and how it affects our everyday lives. They say that there are 7 Dealy Sins, but I say that Greed is the only one. For, you must feel and eliminate the others in order to get to the bottom of the Greed, and eliminate it from your life. This is the only way to get to the bottom of our problems. Plus, who are the ones who exacerbate greed? The State, the Corporations in conjunction with the State, and the international Media.

Think for yourselves. It’s the only way we can save ourselves.

PS: Good luck with this one. Marines have foul mouths. Hehehe. =P—–


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