Who Are Your Enemies?

Throughout my life, I’ve had very close friends; I tried to pick quality over quantity. In fact, there was one point where I couldn’t even discern between the two and I didn’t care for any at all. As time went on, loneliness set in and I finally opened up my mind and my heart to individuals who just wanted to find out what my story was… And later, I found out that that was it. This isn’t to say that those friends never helped me or had my back, but it was for their own selfish reasons. I always had a broader world view: big dreams, and a way to accomplish them, and I wanted to surround myself with people who did too. It was hard.

I always thought I had it all figured out, that friendship was about accepting faults, forgiving wrongdoings, and just being there for eachother. Recent events have made me realize that real friends don’t have to accept faults or forgive wrongdoings because real friends don’t SEE faults, and they will never do you wrong. The Lions by your side are the ones who protected your life, who looked out for your best interest when you were at your worst, who did stupid shit to protect you because all they wanted was for you to live your life the way you had planned. Real friends use the last of their pennies to fly all the way across the country to see you ’cause they know something’s wrong and that distance never changed the connection that you had. They’re the ones who played strip-beer-pong with you, got buck ass naked and told you to keep your clothes on cuz they watching yo back. They never liked your enemies and tried to keep them away from you no matter how much you cared for those Snakes, no matter how bad they made you feel.

I went most of my life not knowing who my real friends were, always standing up for those who didn’t deserve it, ones who were jealous of the things that I’ve accomplished, experienced, and planned to do. I’m a writer, always have been and always will be, always saw things differently than my peers and had something to say without giving a shit about who didn’t like it. The Snakes are the ones who leech off of that energy and use it to their advantage. The Lions are the ones who use their own energy to compliment and protect your crazy ass, and on top of that, you never thought twice about doing the same thing in return.

At the same time they tellin’ you to keep your clothes on, you’re like, “Dude, you need to put pants on,” and you run around with their pants, putting them on and a blanket over their crazy asses when they pass out. When you’re about to beat the shit outta someone for no reason cuz you drunk as shit, you don’t fight them when they pick you up and put you outside. You roll blunts in front of the po at the train station, and keep on smoking it as they roll up, ditch the shit, then hop in your auto keeping it cool as they call in the BOLO. Then you’re freaking out and your best friend is driving all crazy, so both of you put on your favorite song, calm down, and come up with a plan to not get arrested or a DWI. Then, at the end of the day you’re thinkin’, “Fuck, man, we wouldn’t have gotten away with it if we were with anyone else.”

Love you, Cpl McClure.

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