Ramble On, Society


There’s the public sector, the private sector, and me and you. The public sector is in control of the private sector, and the private sector is in control of the public sector… So, in the end they both FUCK US ALL! Twice… on our birthdays.

Politics and economics are related in that economists must politically record REAL economics in such a way to save their own lives so much so that the meaning and conceptualization of economics becomes bleak to those who cannot understand the contradictions in the political language.The higher class citizens who “enjoy” the status of being wealthy due to their hard work and fortunes (some just know the right people) will most likely have a hard time conceptualizing the economics of control over their lives due to constant bombardment of everyday life and the continuation of pursuing their dreams with the monetary means readily available to accomplish their ends.

That kind of lifestyle is a stark contrast to those who have worked 9 – 5 for twice as long as their famous counterparts have “enjoyed” a luxurious lifestyle.Both parties see the “greener” grass on the other side and wonder in naive bewilderment what it would be like to be the other. One hides in plain sight, and the other hides behind sunglasses, wigs, and Ford Focuses with ridiculously tinted windows and 50in rims.

It just so happens that the luxurious class and the 9 – 5 class are BOTH controlled by an unscrupulous and soulless political class which is designed to rob and exploit the people for their own monetary gain. We are constantly divided between eachother, yearning to know and be with the other, to walk in his shoes. Indeed, for if both classes knew the beauty that they already have in their own lives, maybe we wouldn’t be controlled by a bunch of dinosaurs bathing in blood in a Las Vegas casino — rigged for the Dealers.

The duality of man is not a Skinner Box. Humans have complex problem solving skills and it is insulting to our divine nature to think that we only respond to positive and negative sanctions. The nature of man is not good nor evil, it is that some men are more prone to do evil, and others are prone to do good. When we do not seek to find ourselves and put ourselves in a self-actualizing state of mind, the ones who lean to the negative do more negative, and the ones who lean to the positive get lost and join the Negatives. The solution to this problem is seeking to fulfill one’s identity, which is hard to do without your Third Eye since our society has habitually calcified ourselves with poisons in our food and water supply. The Spirit is what guides us to our original Divine state of Nature: a state which allows us to feel honesty, responsibility, humility, and most important of all: LOVE!

The leap year, daylight savings time, and the Greenwich (Green Witch, hmmm…) time line, are all aspects of a man-made time designed to distort our perception of the real dimensions of time. The only way we can counteract this control is by being one with ourselves and therefore being one with the Multiverse which determines who we are, when we are born. The positions of planets, stars, comets (dirtyyyyyy snowballz ;)), and other forms of space matter all affect our bodies and spirits (ever wonder what neutrinos are?). It is silly to think that the millions of planets and stars have little affect on our lives. Perhaps we should ALL pay some more attention to them just as our ancient ancestors did.

Time is a dimension, not a schedule. You are controlled by man-made time: the 9 – 5, the 10 – 7, 15 minutes prior, never clock out until “your time.” Time is directly controlled by gravity and motion. They are dimensions of the Universe (Multiverse). Every atom has an identical atom which spins in the opposite direction at a weaker rate. Where’s your opposite atom?

Sumer UP!


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