How now broun couch, MPHKA.
Yo, she ain’t even bein’ quiet bout them tampons.
Why not? It’d be makin fun of mowtown.
That’s gonna be a silly album cover.
Shit, that old bitch had a gun.
Happiez Gangsta Tunes fo Jesus
I did not have sex with that Man.
Hehe, I’m watchin you shit too. =)
Shoulda been Johnny Knoxville in there. Is he ok?
She’s right, you know, about your hair ❤
Mm! I love that salt n peppa.
I’d haveta be Michaelangelo, but I looooooove Leonardo ❤
Gonna have to catch me, Steve-O.
Jasey Wasey = Pinky Pie
Everythin’s gonna be alright, Acuna.
Britney needs to hurry up and publish that Mary Shelley shit.
Johanna helped me with that snarky bitch, and so did Nathey Wathey. Much love =)
The law is too important to be entrusted to government.
God’s got that shit.
Snow White is a good movie name for that snowskateboarder. Hehe.
Dude, Emma totally passed me in a fuckin’ Prius.
I don’t mind Eddie in one though.
Louis, Clark, and Sacagawea, The Dudes.
Bingham, always liked that last name.
JT, thanks for always bein’ there. = P—–
Semper Svet, 34th!
Yo, turn on Theme from Boat Weirdos
We’re all weird.
Like, really weird.
Marpat is my faaaaaaaaaavorite color
Esther is tantaful.
tantaful adj. TANT-a-ful, TAHNT-a-ful
to be tactfully and talentedly powerful
I’m Parky’s biggest fan.
Lordes and Peasants.
Who are you controlled by?? Or rather, what???
Yo, I’m aware of all the bugs and GPS positions. Lolllllll.
Ping, ping, ping, bitch.


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