When Staff Sergeant Ordered Me to Save the Hummingbird

“Kerkman, there’s a hummingbird dying, trapped in the courtyard.
You gotta save it.”
“SSgt, why did you come to me to save it?”
“Well, because you’re a hippy, Kerkman.
You’re the only one who knows how.”
It was a hot summer, the bird was dehydrated.
“SSgt, I need sugar and water.”
We headed in to make up the concoction.
My Sergeant asked me what the hell I was doin’,
told me to get back to work.
I said, “Staff Sergeant ordered me to save a hummingbird.”
I went outside.
The hummingbird was scared,
others thought it was going to die.
It couldn’t fly.
I gently put the cup of water up to the little guy
It weakly and eagerly drank
After a couple sips, it found the strength to get outta there.
He got his wings back.
He could fly.


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20 responses to “When Staff Sergeant Ordered Me to Save the Hummingbird

  1. Delightfully simple, yet profoundly insightful!

  2. Crash MacDuff

    Reblogged this on CrashCourse.

  3. The care mixed with the life drink allowed it to flutter another day.

  4. …very nice first draft! now sharpen your quill & make the sarcasm in the dialogue more condensending and try a tragic ending to make irony more bitterly juvenalian (your irony is gently horatian – these are the two types of rhetorical irony). jon stewart is horatian. steven colbert juvenalian. you have a gift! not cultivate it! 🙂 stay in touch


  5. Very different and inspiring, I love the message, and I love that it’s like a Narrative Poem

  6. Willy Nilly

    Loved it! That was a great peek into the strange irony of life in the military.

  7. thanks for that, the internet could use more cherry-blossom petals like that.

  8. Such an excellent poem! May I ask what inspired you to write this poem?

  9. thanks for the follow from a hippie at heart!


  10. A poem of paradox with beautifully blunt transparency. Nice work.

  11. Thank you for being such an inspiring Blogger. I hope you will accept this ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Follow this link for the instruction on how to except.

  12. Reading your About page, I was wondering why you were following me. Reading the above poem, I see we share more than just writing – a sensitivity to life and beauty. Thanks for following me and I look forward to getting to know you better through your work.

  13. Alla Zaykova

    That’s cute!

  14. Really is a very well written poem.

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